Black Friday//Cyber Monday Tips

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Black Friday//Cyber Monday Tips

What do you think? If you have a Bricks-and-Mortar store, how will you be handling Black Friday this year?! 

Canada Post is telling consumers to shop early this year to help with overwhelm and back logging in their system and to make sure you get what you need in time. So consumers are looking for deals now already!  (We’ve noticed some big brands are already on top of this too)

We want to make sure you’re set up for success with your website. Here are some easy things you can do to prepare your site for Black Friday // Cyber Monday.

Hint: all of these things apply to the overall goal of making the shopping experience as easy on your customers as possible!

  1. Use good visuals. Switch up your homepage sliders to represent the season’s sales etc. Make sure your images are clickable and lead directly to your promotions.
  2. Use good words. Change up the copy on your site to reflect the times. Be relatable. Also use your copy to direct your customers to the promotions.
  3. Good function. Make sure your search function on your store front is obvious to find and is easy to use. (You can increase product search-ability by using good tags) And in general, make sure your site is running smoothly and is free of glitches!
  4. Good return policy. Specifically for pandemic purchasing: people want to see a good, clear, accessible return policy.  It helps them trust you. (Know, Like and Trust are the 3 biggies in e-commerce)


BONUS: to make things the most easy on your customers ever, Shopify has a new feature where you can auto apply a coupon (customers don’t have to enter it at check out! woot!) 

Here’s what the fuss is about: You can add a banner, or use one of your homepage sliders to advertise your Black Friday // Cyber Monday coupon code. Then all your customer has to do is click it and the coupon will automatically already be applied in their check out.  You’ve just made their day AND made it super easy on them which seriously goes a long way in the e-commerce world. 

Additionally, you can send this discount code link to your email list and when they click it, it’ll take them directly to your store with the coupon code already in the cart. So simple.

Here’s how you accomplish this: 

  1. Create a coupon code in the discounts area of your Site Admin
  2. Before you click save, click Promote and then, “get sharable link”

     3. Then click save

    4. Apply this link to your homepage slides or your ad banner. (Or send it in an email campaign)

    5. When the customer clicks the link, the code is automatically applied and they can continue shopping as usual without any need for copy/paste of that code! 


Best of luck this holiday season guys! We’re rooting for you!!