How to Set Up Product Pages That Convert

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How to set up a product page
How to set up a product page

Do you know how to set up a great Product page? Or why that matters?

Because if you set them up right, they make your life easier and more sustainable. They speak to your customers on your behalf and are a huge part of conversion.  A good product page can take your online shop from good to great.

Sometimes product pages are left as an afterthought (I mean, it’s one of the last stages of a website build so people lose steam at this point!)

Don’t do that. You need your product pages to be on point! They help you build trust and answer customers’ questions, lowering the mystery and risk that is associated with purchasing a product that hasn’t been experienced in person! This leads to more confident customers and more sales for you.

You need your product pages to be on point! They help you build trust with your customers.

So here’s what you need:

1. great captions with lots of detailed info: Start with a caption that uses your brand voice. Also include, materials, ingredients, measurements, size charts, colours, anything someone might want/need to know.

Bonus tip: think about how you would need to describe your product over the phone to someone.

2. High quality product and lifestyle photos so your customers know exactly what they’re getting. Use images that connect with your ideal customer’s vibe and lifestyle.

3. a flow that makes sense. Don’t hide any of your info behind tabs that people have to toggle.

4. easily accessible and obvious add to cart button (particularly with mobile)

pro tip: you can divide your description in two so that if it’s long, it continues below the add to cart button.

Dividing long descriptions up so that they continue below the add to cart button helps keep that most important of buttons in a convenient and obvious spot. You don’t want confused customers, so make it as easy on them as you can!

Product pages are important to get right. Hopefully these tips were useful and help you feel confident that you can make more consistent sales with ease.