How to Set Up Your Online Store

Step 1: Message

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Use your message to connect with your customers online

We want to help you succeed with your online business. Previously, I mentioned the 5 Simple Steps to Get Started with your online store. I talked about why message is king and why we always start with the message before the design when we build websites.  (Short version: it builds connection with your customers.)

 How do you discover and clarify your message?

Your message might seem easy at first, because it’s probably obvious, right?!! Just say your business name front and center…  Or use industry buzz words to inspire mystery and curiosity about your business?! There’s more to it than that.

Today’s commerce landscape is competitive! People have so many options! But with so many options, how do you get noticed? Hint: it’s not through buzz words or ambiguity. Keep things simple. Tell people what problem you’re solving and how you’re doing it! Less is more.

We’ve found that aside from keeping things simple, success comes from having a powerful message. You need to connect to the core of the problem your customer is trying to solve.

So, HOW do you use your message to connect?  To be clear, this isn’t about manipulation at all. Consumers are savvy and know when you’re being fake. However, the good news is your sincere message is all you need!

How are you solving a problem for your audience?

These are some things you should think about to be able to deliver a clear message for your brand:

Who is your target audience? Think about the people that will purchase your product or service… What do they have in common? Be as specific as you can. Maybe your product or service is for home buyers… Are they first time home buyers? Retirees looking to downsize? Investors looking to flip a property? Knowing clearly who your customers are will help you craft the right message.

What keeps your audience (your customers) up at night? What problem/fears do they have and how do you solve that with your product or service?

What obstacles do they have and how will your product or service help them overcome the obstacles? Think in contrasts of bad vs good: Failure vs Success.

What sets you apart from the competition? How do you solve this problem in a way that’s different than anyone else?

When someone visits your website for the first time, how quickly will they understand what you do and how you do it? Is your message resonating with them, or are they confused? If you can get clear about the above things you’re well on your way to delivering a clear and direct message on your website that your customers can get excited about.

Bonus Tip: also be clear about what action you want your customer to take on your site. Your Call to Action. Pick one thing and stick with it.  Often that thing will be ‘Shop.’ If your product is a service, you might want people to ‘Schedule a Call.’ Whatever it is, try not to have too many buttons leading your customer in different directions. Keep it simple. Make it easy.


The next step is to focus all of your content (all the words on your site) towards that message. In every section of your site, keep the focus. Repeat the message and vibe over and over. Your job is to be consistent about who you are, who you’re serving, and what success looks like for your customer.

Admittedly, this can all feel a bit overwhelming at first, but just give it a try! Start with a brain dump of everything and then go back and refine it down to your one main message. You can even find some free resources online to help you craft a great Brand Statement. Enlist your friends to help give you some perspective. Talk to people who might be your customers.

Defining your message and getting really clear about it will make a huge impact on the success of your online store! If you’re not particularly good with words, or if all of this leads to some hair pulling, definitely consider teaming up with a professional who can turn your jumbled thoughts into purposeful, meaningful message.


We love this stuff! Share with us your Brand Message, or let us know what has you pulling your hair out below!