• No long waitlist
  • No more wonky DIY updates
  • More time for what really matters: growing your business

With a Design Day Intensive, we’ll tackle all the Shopify things on your to-do list for you all at once! No more guesswork, googling DIY solutions, fiddling with settings  or multi-tasking your web-updates while you should be focused on other things. Say goodbye to rushing and overwhelm, and all that code-riddled nuisance and hello to the weight lifting off your shoulders


  • You need someone who gets your vision and is able to deliver on your high expectations
  • You need an experienced developer who can do great work efficiently
  • You don’t have time, money or patience to waste on shenanigans
  • You want to improve your online presence so you look professional and consistent
  • You want to add a new feature or function to your Shopify site
  • You want to work with a team who thinks entrepreneurs are rad and are as into your website as you are

A Design Day Intensive is not for all-new websites –  Need a new website? Start here!

“I liked the structure of the design intensive days. Communication was excellent from the beginning of the project to the end. It was great to work directly with Adam on the website and not have to go through an intermediary project manager, as is typical of many digital agencies.”

TamaraDispatch Restaurant


  • VIP Strategy Call to kick the day off and make a strategic plan with Adam
  • Expert design or development in record time. (We’re usually booked about 8 weeks in advance, but we’re reserving time in our project calendar just for Design Day Intensives!) This is a unique opportunity to get professional results in a very short time
  • Exclusive, focused time set aside for just your project. When you book a Design Day intensive the focus is all yours
  • Real-time feedback making revisions happen quickly and efficiently
  • Final Revisions/Touchups (1 hour, the day after)


  • You’ll also get email support from us walking you through the process of collecting and delivering your content ahead of your scheduled day so we’re all prepared and on the same page.
  • You’ll be part of the AE Fam and receive the same treatment as our full Web Build clients and receive one free month of email support after your Design Day Intensive for any questions that might pop up about our work together during this Intensive.




Send us your To-Do List! We want to hear all about what you need help with and what the perfect outcome looks like to you. We’ll brainstorm with you and come up with a plan for action in our Discovery Call. If you like what you hear and feel good about the plan we’ll book a Design Day Intensive for a day that works for you, (usually within the next week or two).



On your Design Day, after your VIP call, we’ll get straight down to business, working on concepts, getting creative and building your elements. We’ll send you the concepts as soon as they’re ready and connect with you to get your feedback right away. This will happen several times throughout the rest of the day!



Virtual high fives all around because after your Design Day you’re officially part of the AE Fam! You’ll get the same access to us as our full web design clients do: 30 days free email support with any questions or bug fixes!

Things we can do in a day:

Custom Design + Development – We’ll take care of all those pesky Web items on your to do list giving you an updated, super functional site that you can feel confident in while taking all the hassle off of your plate.
Shopify Homepage Refresh – a holistic look at your homepage so you can make the kind of first impression that connects with your audience and makes sales. We’ll approach your homepage with your goals in mind using our experienced e-commerce strategy.
Shopify Product Collections/Page Layout – Thoughtfully curated product pages. Your products need to sell themselves right? We’ll give you a total overhaul of your Product Page templates so your customers can easily find, search, and buy your products.
Shopify Products Installation – all the technical expertise you need to set up your products so they look professional, attractive and earn you sales.

A Design Day Intensive is not for all-new websites –  Need a new website? Start here!


Full Design Day Intensive: $1800

A 50% deposit of $900 (+ tax) is required to secure your spot. Final balance is due on your Design Day.

Price increases to $1800/day starting Jan 1, 2022


Set up a call and let’s chat about your website needs or ideas!

On this call, we’ll explore your bigger vision, your needs, and how we can help. We’ll discuss what it would look like to work together and if this Design Day Intensive is right for you! This will be a super low key chat, and there’s never any obligation. We’d love to meet you and find out more about your business!


Do I have to sit by the phone to make sure I'm available?

Design Days are like working together on your project. Us doing the heavy lifting, while you provide the content. Then, we’ll work on ideas and feedback and collaborate together. Depending on the item we’re working on we may need frequent feedback. We’ll send you emails and give you a call frequently throughout our time together. The more timely your feedback, the better the results you get! If we can’t get in touch with you, we’ll proceed as best as we can without your input but we don’t have the flexibility to work beyond the time that you book. It’s up to you to make the most of your session!

What happens if you don’t get my items finished?

We’ve been training years for this! 😉 20 years of experience in graphic and web design has made Adam an efficiency machine. He’s accomplishing as much as is possible for you in the given timeframe, but keeping in mind this is a collaborative process and accomplishing an end result can depend and vary on the amount of feedback and revisions you give and request. We’ll keep you posted on how things are going throughout your Design Intensive and If the time needed to finish your project exceeds the time you’ve booked, we can book another Design Day together.

What happens if I don’t like the results of my Design Intensive?

We work closely with you and you’ll be part of the process! If you’re not liking the direction things are taking you only need to let us know at any point we chat with you throughout the day! Sometimes ideas and vision grows as we collaborate together so that what started out as a small idea becomes bigger! If this happens, we’ll get as much done in your scheduled time as possible and then we’ll book another session with you to complete your vision!