eCommerce Coaching

Starting a business and actually making money doing the work you love isn’t always as easy as the online gurus make it out to be. It can easily feel overwhelming, stressful, frustrating, anxious and confusing.

With so many new things to focus on you’re never quite sure what to do first! How many products or offers do you need to launch your business? Should you start with a Canva logo and then figure out something better later? How do I figure out how to set my prices?

Your brain is constantly spinning on all the things and it’s making you constantly question yourself and what you’re doing.

It can make doing the work you love feel like a burden instead of a joy. It’s exhilarating and scary all at once because, although you’re super talented at your thing, you don’t *really* know about “business” and you’re never sure you’re doing it right.

After more than 6 years as a successful online business owner seeing the behind-the-scenes of so many businesses, I’m here to tell you this: There is a way to make money doing what you love AND for you to feel good and confident! To be able to take action easily and grow your business without stress, confusion and overwhelm.


Want to know the secret? There isn’t one right way to do business. BUT if you know where to look and the right questions to ask you can feel more confident and create success for your business and yourself in a way that actually lets you enjoy the money you make and do what matters to you most: spend time with people you love, take that trip you’ve always wanted, or just get to take a nap in the middle of that day because you’re the boss.

You CAN feel confident, settled, and know how to take action easily knowing that you’re doing things that align with your goals and move the needle forward.


I’ve got a passion for helping entrepreneurs with a values-focused approach to mindset, marketing and strategy so they can feel confident, get visible, and make money with less stress.


If you want to make your first $1K or get yourself to consistent $5K months in a way that feels aligned & authentic to you, if you want to cut through the bossy, noisy internet and start making money in your business in a way that feels genuine & productive, I can help.


Being a small business owner and working with so many small businesses over the last 6 years has given me a unique insight into the small business world, and my 10+ years as a Depression & Anxiety CBT Counsellor have given me the skills to ask the right questions & know where to look to help you feel more confident and create a path to success for you and your business in a way that actually feels good. No tricksy marketing or bossy sales tactics required.

I’ll help you declutter your brain to get clear on the next move to make so you’ll know exactly what to focus on and what to let go of to create repeatable income in your business. We’ll build clarity around your mindset so you can stop questioning yourself, wasting time on indecision and get booked out or make consistent sales.  I’ll help you connect who you are to what you do and implement strategies that help you feel aligned, excited to get visible, and make money doing work that you love.


Ready to map out the path to consistent $5k months without all the overwhelm, overthinking and distraction?


Click below to set up a free 30 min mini-session where we’ll sketch out a strategy and the next step to take to stop spinning your wheels and start making money doing the work you love.