Strategy & Copywriting

eCommerce can be tricky because it seems easy to just throw up a website and sell some products. It’s not easy and deep down, you know this! It’s why you’re putting it off and psyching yourself up to tackle it. It’s why you’re procrastinating right now, searching the internet for tips so you don’t end up wasting too much of your time.  You can handle the nuts and bolts of your website but never know what to focus on or what’s going to make the biggest difference.

Lack of strategy is a major reason why people feel frustrated with their website and like it isn’t working for them. Without strategy, you’re just shouting into the noisy internet-void hoping to get lucky. But being able to understand your customers and communicate in a way that connects and serves them helps you feel grounded, way less stressed & frustrated and WAY more productive (ie knowing where to put your focus so you can make consistent sales)

I work with Online Business Owners to transform frustrating and unproductive eCommerce websites into websites that sell more stuff with less hassle in a way that feels simple. No tricksy marketing or bossy sales tactics required.

I build strategy and User Experience Design for your website by getting to know your business and your customers inside and out. Knowing who you are, what your goals are and who your customers are means I can help you build a strategy that makes selling your things online more intentional and more productive (in a way that feels good. Remember, no tricksy marketing required!)

The goal is to help your customers find exactly what’s most important for them in a way that’s easy to access with no frustrating barriers so that they have a seamless and delightful shopping experience.

If you feel like you’ve got a handle on the nuts and bolts of your website but need some strategy to help you focus your efforts, a Strategy + Copywriting package could help. 

Here’s what’s included:

✨A deep dive into your business & your goals
✨Market research into your customers & your industry neighbours
✨Suggestions on UX design/layout tweaks
✨Written content and call to actions for your homepage (to help connect to your customers)

Then, you’re free to apply the content and layout/flow tweaks to your website. Tweaking your website following your new strategic plan will give you the confidence and direction you need to stop procrastinating and start making more consistent sales online.


Price increases to $1800/day starting Jan 1, 2022

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