Ever wonder what it takes to build a killer online store?! Here are all the details on our process from top to bottom!


We’ll start by gathering some info from you about what you need and what you’re looking for. You can ask us questions too! Then we’ll chat it out in a discovery meeting.


If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll send you a proposal that includes all the details of the project including the scope, the timeline and the budget.  You’ll be able to accept the proposal, sign the contract and pay the deposit in 3 easy steps.


We give each project our full attention and carefully schedule design time so that when we’re working on your project we’re focused fully on you. This also means when we’re not scheduled to be working on your project we’ll be fully focused on someone else’s. We work hard to keep things on track and stick to the schedule so that every project gets the full attention it deserves.


We have a content first strategy.  That means that before any of the visual stuff, we’ll start by developing a strong message that connects you with your customers. Connection is what helps convert prospects into customers. If you’ve selected a full web package, then our professional web writer will write all this content for you! Simple!


After we’ve got your branding and all of your photos, videos and written content, we’ll begin a design layout of your site! You’ll be able to see a preview of what your site could look like at this stage and your input will help to refine and tweak things.


Then we’ll turn those designs from concept to live, interactive web pages. We’ll add all of your products and set up the shop flow. Here you’ll get a chance to click through your prototype site to see how your new store looks and feels! Then, you’ll provide your thoughts and feedback and we’ll refine things so they’re just right. We’ll set up all of your shipping details, tax settings and your payment gateway so you can send products and accept money.


We’ll set up a time for you to learn about all of your site functions with Adam, who will walk you through and make sure you know how to use everything confidently! You’ll be feeling like a boss with your shiny new website.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

We’ll clink some glasses and celebrate launch day! (or, we’ll send some virtual high-fives, depending on the times.)

We’ll test make sure your site works perfectly on all major browsers before it leaves our doors. Then we’ll cheer you on as you go out and sell your stuff with less hassle!