Website Audit

Do you feel like you’re pretty capable of putting together a website that supports your business and makes you consistent money but you just need a nudge in the right direction?

That you’ve got the skills and can make things happen but you don’t know the important stuff to focus on – the stuff that makes a shop your customers love and that sells more?

A strategized online shop allows you to get noticed, connect with your perfect customers, and make more money doing what you love!

Our zone of genius is to bring you the Shopify Development expertise and the brand strategy in one place. We bring the science and the heart, and it’s why we’re the perfect team to support you to look at the functionality, design, and messaging of your Shopify store – the essential three that work together to convert site visitors and make sales for your business.

We’ll go through your site with an eye for how you can get the most out of your site layout, functionality and messaging before we meet.

Then we’ll jump on a shared-screen zoom call with you to give you some simple, useful advice and clarity on the things you can tweak or change today to turn your Shopify store into an online shop your customers love and that sells more. Then we’ll send you a full written report so you can refer back to it as much as you need!

A Website Audit and some solid strategy can be all you need to start selling more with so much less hassle!

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