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How to Cut Down on Customer Service Emails with your Shopify Website

By November 22, 2022 No Comments

Ever notice that when your sales go up, like on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so do your customer service requests in your inbox? It can take a little of the joy out of the *new order happy dance* and make you feel exhausted and a little cranky at having to answer the same questions over and over.

While you can’t fix the problem of people being hasty or obtuse, you can give yourself a little more breathing room here!

Quick Tips that can help

These are a few things you can do with your website to help people intercept their questions before they send you an email:

1. Have a clear shipping, returns, and refunds policy on your website

2. Make sure there’s a link to these policies on every product page

3. Have an FAQ page with the most common customer questions clearly outlined

Bonus tip:
✨give FAQ pages subheadings for questions that are about similar topics to help people find things easily. For instance try these categories: General, Orders & Payments, Shipping & Delivery, Gifts & Gift cards or whatever makes the most sense for your customers!

list your FAQs as questions, in the way people ask them. For example: Can I cancel my order? Where do you ship to? Can I combine discounts?

4. Make use of Shopify Inbox (Shopify’s chat bot app). You can set it up with your FAQs to respond automatically to questions for people!

When all else fails

And, I know, even with all of that on your website, people can be lazy and instead of looking, just go straight to sending an email.  Especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur, getting back to every question in real-time is difficult, but getting back to people quickly is important and expected, so:

5. Make use of auto responders letting people know you’ve received their email and will get back to them within (insert your timeframe here). It honestly helps SO much and can cut down on repeat emails and frustrated customers!

We hope that you’re getting tons of new orders and doing lots of happy dances! If you have questions about how to implement or optimize any of those suggestions above, you can set up a Free Shopify Strategy Session! We’ll help you get it sorted so you can feel more confident and have a bit more breathing room this holiday shopping season.