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Accidentally Getting In The Way Of Your Own Sales

By February 23, 2022 March 2nd, 2022 No Comments

This might be happening to you, and if it is, don’t worry, it’s super common! Something that comes up often when business owners are trying to create content for their website is this:

Being tempted to make themselves the focus of their website.

People ask me, “wait, what?! I thought “sharing our stories” was the way we connect with our audience & make ourselves relatable. I thought I needed to talk about myself and share my story on my website?!”

And, “Isn’t my website my ‘business card’ online – the way I show everyone about me and what I offer?”

Yes, and also no.

You should definitely share your story but only as it relates to your audience’s struggle. And it shouldn’t be the first thing in the hero spot of your site. That spot is reserved for some kind of brand statement that talks directly to your potential clients about what you do, how you do it, and why it matters to them.

“I-get-you-because-I’ve-been-there” kind of content is great! It builds authority, connection, shows empathy – all good things! But it should never be the main focus of your website. This belongs further into your website (or even right below the hero spot).

Then, you need to go back to speaking about your potential clients again and the kind of transformation they need/want/will get from working with you.

I totally get it though. You’re trying to build authority by talking about yourself, your skills, and your history so people will know that you’re trustworthy.

But what actually builds trust is demonstrating that you GET what your potential client is going through. That you understand them at a deep level and can show them the way to the transformation they’re looking for.

Talking too much about yourself can cause disconnection. It can cause people to just skim through your site instead of digging in to see what you offer. And, it can lead to losing potential clients. 

The general rule of thumb for your website is this: Your website is about your customers, always.

Making your website primarily about you is an easy mistake that actually can hurt your sales. Keep the focus on your potential clients/customers and you will create a better connection, build more trust and make more sales.