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How Copywriting Helps You Make More Consistent Sales Online

By April 20, 2022 September 28th, 2022 No Comments

Online business is a bit of a funny task, eh? Trying to do business with other humans, without any human interaction.

Even though we’re doing business online, we’re still all just humans doing business with other humans, and for that to be successful you need to be able to connect.

This is the job of copywriting. To bring the human element into an otherwise technical interaction.

And in the context of making consistent sales for your online biz, copywriting matters a lot. A beautiful homepage that doesn’t give your site visitors any context of what they’re looking at is going to lose you sales. No question about it.

Copywriting is the science of creating connections between your business and your customers. (we also refer to it as messaging) It is really important if you want to make consistent sales with your business online. There’s a bit of a formula to doing this well which includes an understanding of humans in general and understanding your customers specifically.

I know some of you are a little hesitant to put effort into this because you still feel like it’s a bit icky and manipulative and you don’t want to be that way. If that’s you, then there’s good news.

Copywriting isn’t about manipulation. It’s about understanding people. Connecting is something you do naturally when you’re in person but can easily fall flat when you’re tasked with connecting via words on a screen.

There are no natural conversational cues or body language to help you know if someone is vibing with you or not, or if you’re speaking in a way that is making sense.

You can’t tell at the moment if you’re losing people the way you would in person (although inconsistent sales and bounce rates do tell us this!) and you can’t pivot your conversation to what’s most important to them. Did they come in for (this) but you’re consistently talking about (something else)? In person you’d be able to fix this quickly! Online, it’s not so easy.?

A few thoughtful, intentional, well placed words can mean all the difference between your old bounce rate and your new consistent sales and growth in your business.

This is why we always prioritize copywriting for your website and why it’s a big part of the overall web strategy we create for your online store.

There’s a bit of a formula and a skill to getting this right. You need to spend time getting to know your customers and what their needs are.  You need to be able to speak about the benefits of your products or services in a way that addresses your customer’s needs. You need to use enough words to fully connect, but not too many words that you start to lose people to skimming.

If your website is missing a human element and feels more like a technical interaction, this may be the magic you’re missing, and it might be time to invest in your copywriting.

If you’d like to talk about how we can add some more human connection to your site with strategic copywriting, send us a message to get started.