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How To Easily Add A Wholesale Option To Your Shopify Website

By April 21, 2022 September 28th, 2022 No Comments

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to sell products with a wholesale option on Shopify recently, so we’re sharing the answers here in case you’ve been wondering this too!

Wholesale can feel like one of those things that is all at once an easy way to scale your business but also launching another ball to juggle. It can feel super complicated if you have to take wholesale orders separately and keep track of everything with spreadsheets and then staying on top of inventory… But if your website can take care of this for you so that your wholesale customers can access different prices independently AND your inventory always stays accurate, then wholesale can be an easy way for you to grow and set yourself up for consistent sales.

Here’s how you can easily add a wholesale option to your Shopify site:

  1. Discount Codes – create a discount code for your wholesale customers and utilize tags so only specific customers are able to use it (easy for you to DIY)
  2. Utilize Apps – the Shopify app store has many options each with unique features and settings. (DIY but apps are a monthly fee)
  3. Special Collection – create a collection of copied products at a lower price that can be accessed by login for only wholesale customers (you’ll need a developer to set up this log in area)
  4. Shopify Plus – upgrading to Plus gives you a completely separate Wholesale Channel, essentially a completely separate website just for wholesale pricing and customers. (This is for if wholesale is a big part of your business. It would require a developer to make it look like your regular site & has a $2k monthly cost. Shopify gives you a 1-on-1 personal support rep.)

These options all have their pros and cons, so if you want to chat through the best option for your business, Connect with us and we’ll set up a Shopify Strategy Session. We can chat through all the pros and cons and help you figure out which is the right option for your business.