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How Unsubscribes Can Help Grow Your Business

By February 11, 2022 No Comments

Here’s an easy thing that you can do to help you build your business online. It’s SO easy that it often gets overlooked!

Even some of the big brands aren’t doing this well.


It’s this: use every connection point with your customers to build relationships. Even the small ones. EVEN the unsubscribe ones!


Some brands don’t bother customizing their unsubscribe notifications, but what’s worse is when they do and they use the opportunity for a little jab or a slightly shame-y message.

Don’t do that.

Every interaction you have with people is an opportunity to build a relationship and each is important because people remember how you make them feel.

Social Selling is about relationships. Relationships matter at every stage.

We are in a time of Social Selling. This is the undeniable trend for how people are interacting with brands online. It’s MORE than just having your social media sales channels connected to your online store. It’s that people want to feel connected to the things and the brands that they’re buying.

So, the most important thing here is to build good relationships with your customers.

There are many reasons why this is going to impact your sales but here are the two main ones:


1. When people know/like/trust you, they’re much more likely to purchase from you.


2. New customers are much more expensive to acquire and take more effort than nurturing relationships with returning customers.


Every interaction you have with customers online counts so aside from making a killer Online Store that people love to visit, do these things:


✨ Don’t forget or underestimate small interactions.

✨ Take time to brand your order notifications & 404 pages.

✨ A huge missed opportunity is unsubscribe emails. It can feel like a place you don’t have to worry about. Wrong. People unsubscribe for lots of reasons, and we want to remember to send them off leaving the door open for their return.


When you consistently keep your customers at the centre of every interaction and make relationship-building a priority in your business, you’ll see more consistency in your sales also. 🙌