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Demystifying User Experience

By May 4, 2022 September 28th, 2022 No Comments

User Experience is important because a good one allows you to sell more stuff and a bad one… cue the crickets.

User Experience (UX) often feels mysterious and technical and fairly out of scope for many “regular” business owners.

But it’s not. You can totally create a good UX experience on your site with a little understanding and some intentionality. And it really can take your site from crickets to making consistent sales. It involves all three of the website basics (message, design, function) and is the thing that ties them all together.

Step 1: know your customers. Your website is for them. If you’re not regularly interacting with your customers, try sending out a survey with a discount code as a reward. Ask questions to get to know what’s most important to them and their shopping experience. Use words on your site that connect with them

Step 2: Think like your customers as you go through your site. Are the major things they want to see easily accessible from your homepage? Are all of those things clickable through to the product pages/checkout? Is it easy and smooth? Is information easily available?

I saw a great website recently that had a link to both their shipping and return policies available on every product page. This is good UX because those important pieces of info that a customer needs to feel confident to purchase are right at their fingertips. They’re not wandering your site looking for these things **and clicking away from the product page in the process**

Step 3: Tweak, test, get feedback and tweak again! Your website is ever evolving and that’s a good thing! As you get to know your customers better you’ll be able to set up your site to serve them better as well.


If you want some personalized strategy on UX for your online store, send us a message!  We can have a quick brainstorming session in a Free Shopify Strategy Session, or we can take a deep dive with you, doing some Market Research, developing a UX strategy for you and accomplishing your home page tweaks in a Design Day Intensive.