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Tips for Website Font Use

By November 5, 2021 No Comments

Here are some quick tips for choosing fonts to use on your website:

  1. Don’t stretch or compress your fonts. It makes them wonky and hard to read!
  2. Don’t use too many different ones. Keep it to two main fonts with maybe one more if the situation warrants it!
  3. Don’t pair two different serif fonts together. They’ll compete for attention and accomplish the opposite of your goal: nothing will end up standing out.
  4. Use contrast. Pair bold, straight fonts with daintier ones. Use different fonts, weights, and sizes in different roles to establish what is important.

Bonus: don’t use comic sans or papyrus. EVER.

Fonts can be a bit tricky, but follow a few simple typography rules and you’ll look more professional.

Why should you care about this? Because your fonts are helping you connect with your customers. And connected customers are more likely to purchase. 

Hard to read fonts make your site harder to use/ frustrating to look at. Frustrated customers purchase less and leave faster. Fonts can make your site look unprofessional which can make customers question whether they want to shop with you.

Getting your fonts sorted is just one small way your site can help you make more sales.

Struggling with the fonts on your website or want to ask some questions? Click here to set up a free Shopify Strategy Session! You’ll walk away from this free strategy session with clarity on your typography and if it’s working for you or against you. And, you’ll walk away with one thing you can change today so you can feel more confident and make sure your site is ready to sell more with less hassle.