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What To Focus On For Consistent Sales In eCommerce

By March 31, 2022 September 28th, 2022 No Comments

Do you ever feel a little spun around when it comes to what you should put your focus on with your website? Like, which are the important things that really matter and make a difference and which things waste your time and don’t bring you any more sales?

These are the 3 areas that work together to get you consistent sales:

  1. Your message
  2. Design
  3. Function

Sometimes we see beautiful/functional websites that aren’t making sales because there’s no connection point for their customers.

Connection & relatability are huge for consumers in 2022, so the messaging on your site is important and can make the difference between drawing customers in or losing them.

Sometimes we see fantastic messaging on a site but the flow is off and customers are getting lost or interrupted in their shopping experience so the website is losing sales that would otherwise be easy.

Sometimes beautiful sites with killer messaging have bugs and things don’t work properly and customers are leaving, frustrated. Broken links, complicated features & search functions not bringing up the right products are all little annoyances that can be just enough to lose someone.

Any of these tripping you up?

If you get these three areas dialed in you’ll start to see more consistent sales, fewer abandoned carts, lower bounce rates, and happier customers. 

These are the three areas we talk about with entrepreneurs all the time for free in a Shopify Strategy Session. So if you’re curious about your website’s performance in any of these 3 areas, book a Free Shopify Strategy Session and we’ll give you at least one thing you can do today to improve your Shopify store and feel more confident that you’re focused on the things that will actually get you results.