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How your Mobile Site Could Be Hurting Your Sales

By November 3, 2022 No Comments

Most of your customers are coming from Mobile. How do I know this? Because we see behind the scenes (and into the google analytics) of eCommerce businesses every day. In 2022, the stats show that more than 72% of overall online sales are from mobile. That’s huge!

That means you really need to be giving the mobile version of your eCommerce site some love. For the DIYers in the room, you might be thinking this is great news because the Template you bought for your online store was tagged as Mobile Friendly, so your job here is done. But, no, sorry, and I’m glad you stopped by because I have a word of caution and some great tips for you.

Most of your customers are coming from Mobile.

Even if your store theme is tagged as “mobile-friendly” that might not be enough. “Mobile-friendly” just means that your website adjusts itself and re-arranges to fit on small/ different sized screens. (dev nerd term for that is Responsive)

But is your mobile version set up to sell your products effectively?

Sometimes a mobile version of your desktop design ends up being wonky. The menu is too big and takes up too much space, or things stack weirdly and the flow is lost. Sometimes things that were set up to look amazing on desktop (horizontal) look bad on mobile (vertical) because heads are chopped off or words are no longer visible.

What this means:

There’s a separate strategy that goes into setting up your mobile version to optimize for sales. Here are some of the things we think about:

Keep things simple and make the important things obvious.

Everything important should be accessible directly from sections as they flow through on your home page, and these sections should flow down through your customer’s scrolls from what’s most important (probably your best sellers and links to your most popular collections) to what’s less important (But still important enough to be on your home page!) like blog post links, email sign up or other services you need people to know about.

This does two things, it helps your customers to have easy access to things they need or want to buy, and it also helps you increase awareness (and sales) of those things!

Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to to optimize the mobile version of your website :

  • What your customer sees first. Is it attractive, informative, and drawing them in?
  • Your header size. Is your logo/menu an appropriate size for mobile or is it taking over (too big?)
  • How far does your customer have to scroll for your products? Ideally not very far.
  • Is your product layout easy to navigate on mobile?
  • Is the add to cart button reachable by someone’s thumb or does it end up in the top corner or another awkward spot?

Just because a website is Responsive or “Mobile Friendly” doesn’t mean it’s set up to help you sell your stuff on mobile. You might need to tweak one or two things in that list above!

And remember, our number one tip is that to be able to set things up strategically so that your customers are happy and you’re making consistent sales is that you need to know your customers and what they want most. Your customers should always be the filter you make your decisions through.

These are just a few of the things that we look at when optimizing a mobile site for an online store. If you want to know the whole list, let’s set up a Website Audit and we’ll go through your mobile store from top to bottom. We’ll have a look at some of the things that might be holding you back and some opportunities you have to make things easier for your customers to shop (and make more sales for you!) We’ll go through everything together and leave you with a written report that you can refer back to as much as you need!

Click here to find out more and book a Website Audit.